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Human to Human

I’ve said it before and I’m reiterating it again. I don’t follow mainstream news media. Mostly because everything that is reported is rather negative and depressing. However today’s tragic broadcast from Connecticut hit a chord in me so deep that it has left me nearly speechless. Thoughts that come to mind are sorrow, compassion, healing, community and love. Interpret that as you will. We are all human and we should all look out for one another. 

Building the Foundation

Earlier this week I had a nice chat with Jan Mendoza, whom I consider to be my mentor in business. She got me back on track with a personal project of mine that I thought of last year while browsing the Craigstlist website. Since then, I have had this burning desire to launch the idea.

With the help of a creative consultation session from my buddy Casey “InkdUp" Lewis, I am finally ready to take the next step…..

….. Time to get in touch with my good friend and talented graphic designer, Leeonna, to draw up the logo to begin the trademark process. 

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