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What I love most so far about #TBDFest social media coverage is seeing companies, performers and organizations coming together to have a presence at the event. I have seen each of you at various times and venues throughout the years. @tbd_fest will be a true representation of #Sacramento’s arts & culture scene. It’s awesome to see how this event has grown! Have a blast this weekend! cc: @rocketdept, @garibaldiarts, @drewskis, @inkdup, @michaeltuohy

Pictured here are #IGDAsac chapter heads with Anthony Barajas and Dariush Gheyssarieh of @savepointtavern. The guys were our special guests at the #IGDAsac Board Game Jam. One team’s board game was chosen to be featured at their new tabletop and gaming bar which is planning to open in 2015. #SavePointTavern will be the first bar in Sacramento to focus on tabletop and video games. Their #kickstarter campaign will be ending soon but there is still time to contribute! Also download our #SacGamersUnite podcast to hear more about who they are and what kinda flavor they’re bringing to #Sacramento! #IGDA #videogames #boardgames #games #InternationalGameDevelopersAssociation #GameDev

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